Practical, easy-to-integrate concepts and tools

for a satisfying, enjoyable life... at any age, at any time, anywhere!

Participants in the Successful Living Basic Training are overwhelmingly satisfied with the program and their results....

The course reminded me that I am in charge of my actions and my re-actions. Sometimes when we want change, we are the one who must take the first step, and the rest will get better from there. The group support is amazing, as it lasts even after the course if over. It is nice to know that we ALL pretty much desire the same things in life. --Heidi Johnson

This workshop has inspired me. The tools that were given to me have helped me get through up and downs. I am glad to say that this is the first program that I am following through and sticking with. There are times I had set backs. The tools have helped me to keep going forward.  Also having a peer coach to help get through the good and bad is a plus to keep me to stay focused on the good. It has changed my life to get out of my comfort zone. – Mary Beth Nachtwey

The best part of the course is it builds community that carries on. You don’t just go and get “Lit Up” and leave the event and then nothing, this program is ongoing with support. - Margaret O’Leary

The 30 day email activities helped me look at my life differently in ways that I hadn’t perceived it before. Taking all of the course materials and staying with them helped me gain insights I hadn’t gotten after being involved with personal growth work for over twenty years. - Keith Heck

It’s a good reminder that life doesn’t have to be so complicated, as long as I remember to go back to and practice the basics. – Stephanie Gramza

I like the clarity in the course, how it is laid out in layman’s terms. For each lesson there is a core reading and a core practice and I found if I just continue to follow them, the basics fall into place easily. Also of great value is the community and the peer coaching – having someone else to be accountable to and to celebrate with is wonderful! – Karen Gill

The most powerful thing about this course is the team support to keep the momentum going, to see the change process in myself and others as it is going on, actually experiencing change in the context of others. Often I don’t recognize that I am changing. Being on the path with others has helped me to regroup and make even more changes. – Cathy Kehoe

The 30 days – I did them twice – were really awesome. I looked forward to them to see what I would do that day! One of the definitions of forgive was to pay it forward, so I did that by sharing with others about what I was learning about myself and it helped them. Accountability of my own actions and goals was very powerful. – Chris McNulty

The most important thing I got was the30 day follow-up actions started out being an “assignment or task” and in doing them, eventually it becomes a habit – not something I have to do, just a part of who I am.  – Jamie Hendricks